Genetically Modified Foods: You should be afraid

Most of my posts are informative, and endeavour not to freak everyone out. I can understand from a patient’s perspective that you hear and read so many conflicting ideas through the internet, newspapers, television, health programs… you are not sure what to trust.

Genetically-modified foods (GMO) however are a reality, and they have pervaded our food sources. If you don’t believe me, Dr Oz had Jeffrey Smith, an expert on GMO on his show to discuss this issue and you can get a great deal of information through his website.

What are the most common genetically-modified foods?

  1. Soy
  2. Corn
  3. Cotton
  4. Canola

Why is there cause for fear?

Foods that are genetically modified interfere with how our bodies interprets and absorbs nutrients. As these modifications have occurred mostly within the last 15 years, our body is accustomed to our evolutionary history and does not know what to do with these new foods, and the information they supply to the body. Modification to our genes through these nutrients interferes with them, and can turn on certain genes that change how our bodies function. This concept in medicine is known as the field of epigenetics, where aspects of our genes may be turned “on” to our detriment, leading to activation of the immune system to increased susceptibility to cancer development, autoimmune disease and increased reactivity to foods through allergy. We can already see the incidence of allergy to foods has increased profoundly in the last decade and is on the rise.

The problem is that GMO foods, especially soy and corn, are in so many of our foods as fillers and thickeners, and so we cannot escape them easily, especially when we are eating foods that are processed and not whole, fresh foods.  Eating healthy foods is not just about eating foods that are “healthy” per se, but also foods that are not altered in their chemical structure.

Many countries are now banning GMO production. How can you take a stand? By not purchasing as many foods that are on the list and eating whole, healthy foods. It’s your body.


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