Genetically Modified Foods: You should be afraid

Most of my posts are inform­at­ive, and endeav­our not to freak every­one out. I can under­stand from a patient’s per­spect­ive that you hear and read so many con­flict­ing ideas through the inter­net, news­pa­pers, tele­vi­sion, health pro­grams… you are not sure what to trust.

Genetically-mod­i­fied foods (GMO) how­ever are a real­ity, and they have per­vaded our food sources. If you don’t believe me, Dr Oz had Jeffrey Smith, an expert on GMO on his show to dis­cuss this issue and you can get a great deal of inform­a­tion through his web­site.

What are the most common genetically-modified foods?

  1. Soy
  2. Corn
  3. Cotton
  4. Canola

Why is there cause for fear?

Foods that are genet­ic­ally mod­i­fied inter­fere with how our bod­ies inter­prets and absorbs nutri­ents. As these modi­fic­a­tions have occurred mostly with­in the last 15 years, our body is accus­tomed to our evol­u­tion­ary his­tory and does not know what to do with these new foods, and the inform­a­tion they sup­ply to the body. Modification to our genes through these nutri­ents inter­feres with them, and can turn on cer­tain genes that change how our bod­ies func­tion. This concept in medi­cine is known as the field of epi­gen­et­ics, where aspects of our genes may be turned “on” to our det­ri­ment, lead­ing to activ­a­tion of the immune sys­tem to increased sus­cept­ib­il­ity to can­cer devel­op­ment, autoim­mune dis­ease and increased react­iv­ity to foods through allergy. We can already see the incid­ence of allergy to foods has increased pro­foundly in the last dec­ade and is on the rise.

The prob­lem is that GMO foods, espe­cially soy and corn, are in so many of our foods as fillers and thicken­ers, and so we can­not escape them eas­ily, espe­cially when we are eat­ing foods that are pro­cessed and not whole, fresh foods. Eating healthy foods is not just about eat­ing foods that are “healthy” per se, but also foods that are not altered in their chem­ic­al struc­ture.

Many coun­tries are now ban­ning GMO pro­duc­tion. How can you take a stand? By not pur­chas­ing as many foods that are on the list and eat­ing whole, healthy foods. It’s your body.

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