What does my liver do, and why is it important?

Fun facts about your liver The liver

  1. It can regen­er­ate, even when resec­tioned! We really can grow this organ back!
  2. It syn­thes­izes our fat production.
  3. It con­trols cho­les­ter­ol form­a­tion. Yes, big bad cho­les­ter­ol that gets bad press is primar­ily made from our body’s own store of lip­ids (fats).
  4. It excretes and meta­bol­izes biliru­bin, involved in trans­port­a­tion and degrad­a­tion of iron.
  5. It syn­thes­izes many of our pro­teins (anti­bod­ies, enzymes)
  6. It helps meta­bol­ize and break­down drugs and many exo­gen­ous (not present in our body) sub­stances in sev­er­al phases of detoxification

How do we know if our liver is tired, or in some trouble?

  • You might get very fre­quent head­aches (sev­er­al times a day or week)
  • You might have itchy skin (this also includes skin disorders)
  • You might get pains in your right-hand side
  • You drink alco­hol very frequently
  • You are tak­ing some med­ic­a­tions that need the liv­er to work more to move them and cir­cu­late them in the body
  • You are mix­ing med­ic­a­tions and herbs or med­ic­a­tions and foods that the liv­er has trouble doing simultaneously
  • You exper­i­ence fre­quent epis­odes of anger

How are the above symptoms and signs related to the liver?

Stay tuned for tomor­row and learn­ing to give your liv­er the love it needs.

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