What does my liver do, and why is it important?

Fun facts about your liver The liver

  1. It can regenerate, even when resectioned! We really can grow this organ back!
  2. It synthesizes our fat production.
  3. It controls cholesterol formation. Yes, big bad cholesterol that gets bad press is primarily made from our body’s own store of lipids (fats).
  4. It excretes and metabolizes bilirubin, involved in transportation and degradation of iron.
  5. It synthesizes many of our proteins (antibodies, enzymes)
  6. It helps metabolize and breakdown drugs and many exogenous (not present in our body) substances in several phases of detoxification

How do we know if our liver is tired, or in some trouble?

  • You might get very frequent headaches (several times a day or week)
  • You might have itchy skin (this also includes skin disorders)
  • You might get pains in your right-hand side
  • You drink alcohol very frequently
  • You are taking some medications that need the liver to work more to move them and circulate them in the body
  • You are mixing medications and herbs or medications and foods that the liver has trouble doing simultaneously
  • You experience frequent episodes of anger

How are the above symptoms and signs related to the liver?

Stay tuned for tomorrow and learning to give your liver the love it needs.


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