Naturopathic Medicine for Body, Mind, and Soul.

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Naturopathic Medicine for Body, Mind, and Soul.

Personalized online care for Ontario residents

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Dr Aoife Earls, Naturopathic Doctor, with a background in psychology and neuroscience, has been practicing for in the GTA for over 10 years. She works best with people with mind-body disconnects; chronic inflammation due to stress, anxiety and depression that have emerged from real-life stressors like grief, losses of connection and community, and hormonal and digestive imbalances in the immune system that develop when our stress response runs the show.

Using a variety of modalities including acupuncture, herbal medicine, counselling, mindful techniques, and others, she can help you to develop a peaceful and resilient approach to life!

Dr Aoife Earls ND is only offering in-person consultations when absolutely essential and telemedicine appointments by video and phone as outlined by the Ministry of Health, Ontario.

How I can help


Fear is just an emotion our bodies create to keep us safe.

But we don’t have to stay in it. Anxiety is a byproduct of long-term fear. There are many tools to lessen and eliminate your response to fear. Let’s remind your body and mind how to do this!


Grief is a major source of disease when we don’t process the feelings.

Grief can be a long process. We want to support you during a time where you are your most vulnerable so you can move forward with grace. Balancing and supporting stress hormones, the immune system, and safely processing emotion can support grieving individuals create a new story and healthy body in a vulnerable time.


Hormones rise to help us through stress, but also change our immune system.

This can make us susceptible to infections, feel more tired, and sometimes not ourselves. Our body needs support, but so can our choices; choosing things that make us feel joyful and peaceful and away from things that take away our precious energy. We can support the body in these times to preserve energy and reduce the burden on our immunity.


Low testosterone is linked with depression in men. In women, low progesterone is a cause of sleeplessness and hot flashes, and low estrogen leads to depression.

There are both herbal and bio-identical hormones that can support these issues in men and women. Through testing and investigation, the best course of action is decided on!

About Dr Aoife, ND

(It’s pronounced “Ee-fa“)

I’m Aoife, I practice as a naturopathic doctor in Ontario. I am licensed in pharmaceutical prescriptions with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. My undergraduate training is in psychology and biology. I also have Masters of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience, in which I explored the brain, immune system, and hormones in experimental models of lupus in a discipline known as psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI.

Seeing me, I’ve been told, is like seeing a therapist and a doctor all rolled into one. With my background in PNI, I’m very comfortable exploring if it is a physical issue we’re addressing, an emotional issue affecting the body, a nervous system or immune imbalance, or all at the same time.

My practice strengths are mind-body integration; grief, anxiety, depression, fatigue and chronic illness arising from life stressors and immune system changes that come with those states.


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