Naturopaths are often referred to as healers, but I find that inaccurate. I believe healing is up to the patient, and I provide treatments that facilitate healing. I may employ herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, diet recommendations, and counselling, but these are simply tools I use that allow for you to be able to heal. The work is difficult, for both myself and the patient, it's not always quick, and it's certainly not magic. Your health is an investment of time, effort and personal change. To determine the root cause of illness, what tools to use, and what path you should take, I use a combination of extensive scientific and medical training, laboratory testing, clinical experience, and intuition. I give you directions, but you have to follow the road.


While I share my knowledge, skills, talents, and expertise one-on-one in-clinic, I also am active in speaking to groups on many subjects including mindfulness, skin and eczema, digestion, and general health, and teaching about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and development. I've spoken with the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, McMaster University, local food co-ops, company health evenings and lunch-and-learns, and a few television appearances. You can see more about these events here and find upcoming, public events here


Learning is a lifelong process. For me learning is about expanding, re-focusing, reaching new understanding, and developing new skills. I'd like to share with you my experiences from this perpetual process, and along the way I'll recommend various materials that might interest you including books, music, lectures, documentaries, seminars and profiles, in the hope that you'll find some guidance in your own personal learning.