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Dr. Aoife Earls Naturopathic Doctor, with a back­ground in psy­cho­logy and neur­os­cience, has been prac­ti­cing for in the GTA for over 10 years. She works best with people with mind-body dis­con­nects; chron­ic inflam­ma­tion due to stress, anxi­ety and depres­sion that have emerged from real-life stressors like grief, losses of con­nec­tion and com­munity, and hor­mon­al and digest­ive imbal­ances in the immune sys­tem that devel­op when our stress response runs the show.

Using a vari­ety of mod­al­it­ies includ­ing acu­punc­ture, herb­al medi­cine, coun­selling, mind­ful tech­niques, and oth­ers, she can help you to devel­op a peace­ful and resi­li­ent approach to life!

Due to the COVID-19 pri­or­ity for sup­port of our health care sys­tem, Dr. Earls ND is only essen­tial in-per­son con­sulta­tions and telemedi­cine video and phone appoint­ments as out­lined by the Ministry of Health, Ontario.

How I can Help


Fear is just an emo­tion that our body is pro­grammed to cre­ate to keep us safe, but we don’t have to stay in it, even when we have really stress­ful times. Anxiety is a byproduct of long-term fear. There are many dif­fer­ent tools to lessen and elim­in­ate your response to fear. Let’s remind your body and mind how to do this!


To the self, a loss and griev­ing is a major source of dis­ease if we don’t know how to pro­cess up the nor­mal feel­ings and emo­tions as they arise. As grief can be a long pro­cess, we want to sup­port you at a time where you are your most vul­ner­able to move for­ward with grace. Balancing and sup­port­ing stress hor­mones, the immune sys­tem, and safely pro­cessing emo­tion can sup­port griev­ing indi­vidu­als cre­ate a new story and healthy body in a vul­ner­able time. I am cur­rently com­plet­ing a cer­ti­fic­ate in Palliative Care with the University of Chicago, and have com­pleted a Complicated Grief Certificate with Columbia University.


When we have exper­i­enced a stressor, we have hor­mones rise like cortisol that also change our immune sys­tem to help get us through the peri­od. This can make us more sus­cept­ible to infec­tions, have us feel more tired, and some­times not ourselves. Our body can use sup­port, but so can our choices; lead­ing to choos­ing things that make us feel joy­ful and peace­ful and away from things that take away our pre­cious energy. We can sup­port the body in these times to pre­serve energy and reduce the bur­den on our immunity through natur­o­path­ic meth­ods of under­stand­ing the body.

(Men & Women)

Low testoster­one is linked with depres­sion in men, low pro­ges­ter­one is a cause of sleep­less­ness and hot flashes, and low estro­gen leads to depres­sion. There are both herb­al and bio-identic­al hor­mones that can sup­port these states of being in men and women, and can eas­ily and effect­ively be sup­por­ted. It’s even more effect­ive when we are treat­ing you as an indi­vidu­al. Through test­ing and invest­ig­a­tion, the best course of action is decided on!

About Dr. Aoife (ee-fa) ND

I’m Aoife, I prac­tice as a natur­o­path­ic doc­tor in Oakville Ontario. I am licensed in phar­ma­ceut­ic­al pre­scrip­tions with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. My under­gradu­ate train­ing is in psy­cho­logy and bio­logy. I also have Masters of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience, in which I explored the brain, immune sys­tem, and hor­mones in exper­i­ment­al mod­els of lupus in a dis­cip­line known as psy­cho­neuroim­mun­o­logy, or PNIYes, I was in school for a long time. Phew!

Seeing me, I’ve been told, is like see­ing a ther­ap­ist and a doc­tor all rolled into one. With my back­ground in PNI, I’m very com­fort­able explor­ing if it is a phys­ic­al issue we’re address­ing, an emo­tion­al issue affect­ing the body, a nervous sys­tem or immune imbal­ance, or all at the same time.

My prac­tice strengths are mind-body integ­ra­tion; grief, anxi­ety, depres­sion, fatigue and chron­ic ill­ness arising from life stressors and immune sys­tem changes that come with those states.


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How does your life — choices, emo­tions and your body sen­sa­tions — affect your abil­ity to feel rested?

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