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Why hives are on the rise 

I had severe hives and eczema for 15 years. I used to get a lot of hives and itching, especially when I was stressed out. A lot of my sensitive skin, allergic-​type patients do too. So, you can imagine that this past year I have supported many people, and notably women, with more frequent hives and

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Body-​Mind Medicine

How to get back to sanity in 3 simple steps 

When we feel overwhelmed, it’s really easy to think that there’s no way out. You’re stuck in a misery of your own making, or that the children or family are dictators in a sick plot twist of your own life (yes, at times, these were my thoughts in this year LOL). When you

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Adrenaline: Friend or Foe (or Both)? 

Adrenaline is our culprit for many of the physical symptoms you’re experiencing, including flares of IBS, hot flashes, and nausea. Adrenaline helps us get away from scary events but raises blood pressure, shuts down our digestion, increases our cravings, and interferes with the immune system and its ability to handle

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digestion and fennel tea for stress and anxiety with Dr. Aoife Earls ND in Oakville Ontario

Sick to your stomach? Herbs are here! 

Many people experience nausea (the urge to throw up, vomit, up-​chuck… you get the picture) from time to time, but it’s when it’s a daily thing that goes on for several weeks or months at a time, it’s a signal of something else going on in the body. 

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Light a candle for infancy and pregnancy loss October 15 with Dr. Aoife Earls ND

What to expect with miscarriage 

Grief and loss is an intrinsic part of my work, as throughout our lives we experience loss that is a part of living. No parent wants to lose a child, nor consider the possibility of a loss they have not even have had the chance to experience. Miscarriage and infertility are considered ambiguous grief,

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