Tough love means you feel better

What happened to the under­stand­ing that medi­cine should not always be con­veni­ent or tasty to actu­ally be work­ing? Buckleys’ com­mer­cial and the infam­ous slo­gan Tastes awful, but it works, was an import­ant part of my

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Vitamin K2 - The Bone-Saving Vitamin

Vitamin K2 is a vit­am­in that every­one is talk­ing about — but do you know what it is? For those of you that are unfa­mil­i­ar, I will give a Coles’ notes ver­sion about this vit­am­in. What is vit­am­in K2? Vitamin K2

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The danger of picking the wrong supplements

There are many reas­ons why people come to my office, and the prop­er sup­ple­ment guid­ance is a major reas­on. The inter­net can be both help­ful and down­right scary when mak­ing sure you are tak­ing the right

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The Multivitamin: Is It Necessary?

As a prac­ti­tion­er, I struggle with the mul­tiv­it­am­in. Why, you ask? In the­ory, the mul­tiv­it­am­in is a good concept. Just as life has pros and cons, ebb and flow, it is dif­fi­cult to eat con­sist­ent quant­it­ies and qual­it­ies of

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What Can I Do For My Restless Legs?

Those of you who have rest­less legs know what I’m talk­ing about. The exper­i­ence of rest­less legs syn­drome began for me in the middle of high school, most often when I went to the movies or

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Why B12 is great, but is not doing what you think it should

I will start off by say­ing that B12 is a fant­ast­ic vit­am­in. B12 is also known as hydroxy­co­bal­am­in, cyano­co­bal­am­in, and methyl­co­bal­am­in. It is absorbed primar­ily through our gastrointest­in­al tract when we eat the fol­low­ing foods: lean red meats poultry

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