The danger of picking the wrong supplements

There are many reas­ons why people come to my office, and the prop­er sup­ple­ment guid­ance is a major reas­on. The inter­net can be both help­ful and down­right scary when mak­ing sure you are tak­ing the right vit­am­ins for you, the right dosage, if you need herb­al sup­ports and what they are, and if they inter­act with med­ic­a­tions you may be taking.

A recent art­icle in the New York Times out­lines the issue with drugs pos­ing as sup­ple­ments, ship­ping mainly from Asia. It is alarm­ing not only for myself as a prac­ti­tion­er who is already aware of such prac­tices, but that more com­pan­ies sus­pec­ted of this activ­ity are not being appre­hen­ded. The com­pan­ies then that are reput­able, research-based, chem­ic­ally and eth­ic­ally strin­gent get a bad name just by being in the same industry which is unfair. It is why the invest­ment a few extra dol­lars on bet­ter sup­ple­ment and vit­am­in lines is not only import­ant from a res­ults per­spect­ive, but from a health and safety perspective.

In Canada, nat­ur­al health products(NHP) are in a con­stant state of improved reg­u­la­tion. Health Canada through the Natural Health Products Directorate eval­u­ates com­pan­ies and their products, and if they are author­ized to be safe, they are giv­en nat­ur­al product num­bers (or an NPN). These NPNs exist in a data­base of com­pan­ies that are approved, so you can feel more com­fort­able with the items you may be tak­ing on your own voli­tion or are recom­men­ded for your health.

NPN number
NPN num­bers with Health Canada

Be informed! Examine your products through the licensed nat­ur­al products data­base. If you are still unsure, speak with a registered natur­o­path­ic doc­tor about your supplements.

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