Freedom from Depression by Dr James S Gordon

Essential Practices for Lasting Freedom from Depression

The true source of heal­ing from depres­sion comes from with­in-not from doc­tors or med­ic­a­tions. Yet when depres­sion drains away our vital­ity and will, how can we find the energy to help ourselves? With Freedom from Depression, Dr James S Gordon reveals a new and empower­ing approach for deal­ing with this mis­un­der­stood condition‑a way out of the dark­ness that helps you restore bal­ance and joy to your life

Proven Techniques for Navigating Our Way to Wholeness

Through both his per­son­al exper­i­ence and 40 years of research, Dr Gordon knows just how ser­i­ous depres­sion can be. Dr Gordon chal­lenges the com­mon med­ic­al mod­el of depres­sion as a strictly phys­ic­al dis­ease that is best treated with drugs-instead, he sees it as a wake-up call that our lives are out of bal­ance. Drawing from treat­ments he and his col­leagues have used suc­cess­fully in places like Kosovo, Gaza, Haiti, and post-Katrina New Orleans, as well as exper­i­ences with patients in his US prac­tice, he has cre­ated a set of simple and eleg­ant tools for enga­ging more deeply with our lives instead of with­draw­ing. Here he offers prac­tic­al train­ing for using med­it­a­tion, diet, guided imagery, move­ment, and more to help us deal dir­ectly with our own unique cir­cum­stances around depression.

The path to free­dom from depres­sion is real­ist­ic, hope­ful, well-traveled-and filled with unex­pec­ted rewards. As Dr Gordon has seen time and again, we can emerge from the dark­ness with a deep­er appre­ci­ation of life’s rich­ness and our pur­pose in the world. With Freedom from Depression, he offers a bold new way to find true heal­ing from this con­di­tion-to turn our fears into teach­ers, renew our body and mind, and reclaim our abil­ity to take joy in life.


  • The sci­ence of depres­sion-dis­pelling com­mon myths about genes, drugs, and lifestyle
  • Antidepressants-tak­ing a hard look at the value and lim­it­a­tions of drug-based treatment
  • Neuroplasticity-why our abil­ity to rewrite the brain’s neur­al cir­cuitry empowers us to over­come depression
  • Simple med­it­a­tion prac­tices for bal­an­cing the emo­tions, body, and spirit
  • Using self-hyp­nosis and guided imagery to relieve anxi­ety and find inner calm
  • Diet, move­ment, and cre­ativ­ity-effect­ive ways to bring a sense of delight back into your life
  • The sev­en stages of the jour­ney to wholeness

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