You are a Soul that Deserves Love

Snowy Sunset

Reflections on Let’s Talk Day for Mental Health

It’s so chal­len­ging for us to be human, in this body and mind that we both cre­ate (our beha­viours and his­tory) and inher­it (genet­ic­ally).

Our com­munit­ies at large tend to be centred on phys­ic­al well­ness, and we do excel with our open­ness on phys­ic­al improve­ment and over­com­ing phys­ic­al chal­lenges. How are we doing with men­tal health awareness?

Snowy Sunset

Mental health chal­lenges like anxi­ety, depres­sion, obses­sions, self-harm­ing and self-injur­i­ous beha­viours as examples are just as debil­it­at­ing, and just as exhaust­ing for a per­son to be strug­gling with over­com­ing. However, they are hard to see. We can hide them from ourselves, and from our friends and fam­ily. We are wor­ried we will not feel under­stood if we share our struggles. There is indeed judg­ment from oth­ers that we are not “suck­ing it up” when we feel downtrodden.

It’s true. Many people do not under­stand that anxi­ety as an example can com­pletely take over your day, just as a cold or flu can pre­vent you from doing your best. So many people are strug­gling with cre­at­ing pos­it­ive health habits because they are depressed. They can­’t get out of bed in order to be able to be their bet­ter selves. They don’t want to stay in their situ­ation, but they might need more kind­ness and com­pas­sion in order to be, in their defin­i­tion, well. We all struggle with aspects of ourselves that we don’t like; our abil­ity to take things too per­son­ally, fly­ing off the handle when we don’t feel res­ted or heard. What if those things were the tools we need to make the phys­ic­al changes we seek? Self-aware­ness and com­pas­sion. Coping tools for days with depres­sion. Mental health minutes for us?

So wheth­er we have been offi­cially iden­ti­fied as a per­son with ADHD or gen­er­al­ized anxi­ety dis­order, all of as human beings have had those moments. While we all struggle with our own per­son­al demons, let’s try to do our best to respond in each moment to one anoth­er from a place of com­pas­sion or love. Yes, this is very dif­fi­cult to do. However, when you have your human moments, do you want the same? Most of the time work­ing togeth­er is totally pos­sible when we start from:

I will meet you here with what I am cap­able of giv­ing and being, and I will respect what you are cap­able of giv­ing and being”

Sit with this thought as you go through­out your day in your inter­ac­tions with your friends, fam­il­ies, and col­leagues. It’s not our jobs to fix, cri­ti­cize or change one anoth­er, but to meet one anoth­er with kind­ness and acceptance.

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Wishing you, a soul that deserves love, a good day of men­tal health.

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