You are a Soul that Deserves Love

Snowy Sunset

Reflections on Let’s Talk Day for Mental Health

It’s so challenging for us to be human, in this body and mind that we both create (our behaviours and history) and inherit (genetically).

Our communities at large tend to be centred on physical wellness, and we do excel with our openness on physical improvement and overcoming physical challenges. How are we doing with mental health awareness?

Snowy Sunset

Mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, obsessions, self-harming and self-injurious behaviours as examples are just as debilitating, and just as exhausting for a person to be struggling with overcoming. However, they are hard to see. We can hide them from ourselves, and from our friends and family. We are worried we will not feel understood if we share our struggles. There is indeed judgment from others that we are not “sucking it up” when we feel downtrodden.

It’s true. Many people do not understand that anxiety as an example can completely take over your day, just as a cold or flu can prevent you from doing your best. So many people are struggling with creating positive health habits because they are depressed. They can’t get out of bed in order to be able to be their better selves. They don’t want to stay in their situation, but they might need more kindness and compassion in order to be, in their definition, well. We all struggle with aspects of ourselves that we don’t like; our ability to take things too personally, flying off the handle when we don’t feel rested or heard. What if those things were the tools we need to make the physical changes we seek? Self-awareness and compassion. Coping tools for days with depression. Mental health minutes for us?

So whether we have been officially identified as a person with ADHD or generalized anxiety disorder, all of as human beings have had those moments. While we all struggle with our own personal demons, let’s try to do our best to respond in each moment to one another from a place of compassion or love. Yes, this is very difficult to do. However, when you have your human moments, do you want the same? Most of the time working together is totally possible when we start from:

“I will meet you here with what I am capable of giving and being, and I will respect what you are capable of giving and being”

Sit with this thought as you go throughout your day in your interactions with your friends, families, and colleagues. It’s not our jobs to fix, criticize or change one another, but to meet one another with kindness and acceptance.

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Wishing you, a soul that deserves love, a good day of mental health.

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