Busy, busy, be back soon - Too much activity and your adrenal glands

Ever heard of Winnie the Poo? The love­able bear who was friends with Christopher, Eeyore, and oth­er char­ac­ters that you may have read about in your childhood?

Well as it turns out, they can still con­tin­ue to teach us as adults as well, and I thought I would remind us about them as a very cute book, the Tao of Pooh, brings these char­ac­ters back to us, and dis­cusses anoth­er type of anim­al, the Backson’s, or the Bisy Backsons.

The Bisy Backsons are act­ive, almost com­puls­ively. They are at the cut­ting edge of relax­a­tion, and they are always doing some­thing like swim­ming, ten­nis, run­ning, walk­ing… every activ­ity, even recre­ation­al, becomes work, and is anoth­er thing to do. They don’t have time how­ever to rest, because they have anoth­er more import­ant activ­ity. They con­tin­ue to do activ­ity for the next and greatest reward.

The thing is, the Bisy Backsons nev­er reach their des­tin­a­tion. They are in a per­petu­al state of frenzy. If it was­n’t obvi­ous already, Bisy Backson is Busy-be-back-soon.

Our mod­ern world has offered us many con­veni­ences, but it does seem that time is not a lux­ury we have. Everyone is run­ning, run­ning, run­ning. To our body, that run­ning is not only fruit­less, but it also can­not be sus­tained, but many of us have been told the mes­sage that we must do more, achieve more, and run faster.

Our adren­al glands that pump out our hor­mones that allow us to oper­ate at this very fast pace can only keep up so far, and then even­tu­ally, they get tired. All of the activ­it­ies wear on the body. We need rest, sleep, nour­ish­ment, but some­times we are so bey­ond exhausted that it is hard to recov­er, and we won­der why we can­not recov­er so we can get back to our reg­u­lar activities.

There are many won­der­ful herbs and nutri­ents that sup­port get­ting our body the rest and nour­ish­ment it needs to get out of exhaus­tion, and back to feel­ing res­ted. I do have earli­er posts on some fab­ulous phys­ic­al inter­ven­tions for the adrenals.

However, if we don’t work on our mind­set, and the idea that being busy con­stantly is the right state of being, then we will end up right back where we star­ted, yes?

As our sum­mer is whizz­ing by, I encour­age you to sit down with your­self and think of the ways that you could do less with the time that you have, and allow true rest to be the answer to the Bisy Backson state of being. Your adren­als will thank you for it.

Be back soon…

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