Natural bug repellants review #1: Buzz OFF LaLa Soap Company

I’m camp­ing a lot this sum­mer, and review­ing a few nat­ur­al repel­lants for those of you who need some options. I’m start­ing with com­mer­cial options before giv­ing a review of my own con­coc­tions, because I know that with the best of inten­tions we all want to do things ourselves, but some­times we need the easy and fast option. repellants, bug, insect, natural

Repellant in review: Buzz OFF! by the Lala Soap Company.

Where did I find it? Whole Foods
Cost? $9.99
Ingredients: Water, Aloe vera, Witch hazel, Cedarwood oil, Lemongrass oil, Rosemary oil, Eucalyptus oil, Geranium oil, Grapefruit Seed extract, Glycerin
Scent? Lemons
Claims? Defends against mos­qui­toes and ticks.

Application and Testing

I applied this every 1.52 hours (des­pite the label say­ing 3 – 4 hours) because we were phys­ic­ally act­ive and I was sweat­ing. Not only that, I was­n’t sure how much was actu­ally stay­ing on my skin because of sun­screen mix­ing on the sur­face of my skin.


Great product, very inex­pens­ive. I was bit­ten a few times, but only in the places I had for­got­ten to spray or thought I did but not well. For my sens­it­ive skin patients: stings a little on any areas where the skin is broken or is heal­ing, but the smart­ing is short-lived.

The smell was really pleas­ant — you smell like lem­on­grass mostly, which is a fresh lem­on scent.


Make sure you have someone else help you to spray your legs and harder to reach areas. The spray pump only gives a good spray if the bottle is ver­tic­al, allow­ing you to cov­er the area thor­oughly. If you don’t, you end up with incon­sist­ent spray and open area for attack. My part­ner Brad — his ankles became a feed­ing ground for a blood din­ner :)


Reapplication of Buzz OFF, even over bites, reduced the inflam­ma­tion and itch. Witch hazel, aloe vera, and gerani­um are just a few hon­our­able men­tions of the ingredi­ents in this for­mu­la­tion that do help with redu­cing inflam­ma­tion and drain­ing heat and flu­id from tis­sues. I loved that there was clearly a good con­cen­tra­tion of essen­tial oils that the heal­ing prop­er­ties were also present.

Go grab some before they are out! I picked up a few bottles… ;)

Stay safe this sum­mer!

Dr. Aoife

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