Sniffle, sniffle, sneeze – Natural Treatment for Your Allergies!

Yes, spring is arriving, and how do I know? Itchy, watery eyes with a very runny nose and feeling exhausted = desperate need for natural allergy treatments ASAP. Anyone else? natural treatment for allergy

Most allergy sufferers know what happen to their body during allergy season, but let’s  review:

  1. We inhale/ingest (eat)/touch something that our body sees as foreign, or something to be “attacked” (our allergen).
  2. The message is taken to cells in our body, and antibodies are produced against this offending material
  3. The antibodies bind to mast cells containing histamine
  4. Histamine is released which encourages blood flow and circulation
  5. Our body attempts to eliminate the offending material by increasing mucous production, fluid excretion, increasing circulation to the area…and creating general misery :)

Supporting the allergy response, naturally

Rather than taking antihistamines, I choose to use more natural supports when I can. Why? Unless we have an intense allergic reaction, these natural allergy treatments can take the place of antihistamines nicely.

Treating Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Quercetin: An ingredient found in the bark of the Phellodendron tree, as well as fruits and veggies (including apples), quercetin acts like an antihistamine and prevents the release of histamine. It has a slightly slower response but works just like an antihistamine. Bonus? This nutrient is antiinflammatory and repairs damaged DNA. Spiderman would have really appreciated repaired DNA…

Eyebright:  Decreases watering of the eyes and the tickling feeling inside the nose, including slowing your runny nose.

Rosa canina: This herb reduces sinus congestion and overall water retention in the head and neck.

Supporting Immune Health during Allergy Season

When the allergic response is active, the body gets tired.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Holy basil, and Astragalus are three of several dozen herbs that have the ability to support the immune response and calming the body.

Preventing Allergic Responses Next Allergy Season

There are ways to prevent the grief of the following allergy season. Remember allergy shots? Pollenguard is a new method of small doses of allergen to decrease symptoms before the season begins, but no shots required!

If you have questions or you just can’t handle the sniffles any longer, drop by your neighbourhood naturopathic doctor and get some relief!





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