Antibiotics in meat unavoidable: Think organic!

Not that this CTV news art­icle on anti­bi­ot­ic pres­ence in meat is a huge sur­prise, but I can­not emphas­ize enough how import­ant it is to con­sider eat­ing organ­ic and so have to make a com­ment! You are not get­ting value for what you are pay­ing if our health is the sac­ri­fice. 

Antibiotic usage in farms and chick­en coops has been done for many years as we would in human pop­u­la­tion to pre­vent the spread of dis­ease in closed quar­ters. This makes sense, as when one is sick in a crowd, the oth­ers are also likely to get sick.

The more alarm­ing cur­rent prac­tices involve the usage of anti­bi­ot­ics as pre­ven­tion from dis­ease in healthy anim­als. This means not only are anti­bi­ot­ics then being used unne­ces­sar­ily but that bac­teri­al strains that would nor­mally be con­trolled with the use of anti­bi­ot­ics will become res­ist­ant. Mutation to super bac­teria. Life always finds a way. Think of Jurassic Park!

Skeptical that the use of anti­bi­ot­ics in chick­ens can­not affect your body?

A food chain story

Vitamin K2 is an import­ant vit­am­in for bone health. However, as humans, we need to eat foods con­tain­ing vit­am­in K2 as we can­not man­u­fac­ture this on our own. We are lucky that there are sev­er­al foods that have K2, and one of them is the chick­en. The chick­en you ask? How?

Chicken Little

Chickens enjoy eat­ing grass, and ‘grass-fed’ chick­ens should in fact not be an anom­aly but the norm. When chick­ens hap­pily eat grass as they should, the grass con­tains vit­am­in K1, among oth­er nutri­ents. When chick­en digest grass and vit­am­in K1, their little chick­en cheeks actu­ally man­u­fac­ture vit­am­in K2 right in their mouths. Their tis­sues then con­tain vit­am­in K2. When we eat the chick­en later on (sadly for the chick­en), we absorb this vit­am­in K2 and voila, healthy and happy bones for humans. Pretty nifty.

When we eat some­thing from anoth­er organ­ism, we don’t just take what we need, we absorb everything that organ­ism has to give. What if your little chick­en had 3 doses of anti­bi­ot­ics before you ate it? What if they were har­bor­ing bac­teria that had become res­ist­ant to these anti­bi­ot­ics? What do you think will now hap­pen to your immunity, to your healthy gastrointest­in­al flora? Is there a pos­sib­il­ity that the reas­on you are sick more often in the last few years had more to do with your food than you real­ize?

Downright scary.

Eat organic, or don’t eat meat at all

Is this an extreme way of think­ing? I don’t think so. “Let food be medi­cine, and medi­cine our food”, said Hippocrates, the fath­er of medi­cine as we know it, and frankly a pretty smart guy. Despite con­cerns on price, it really is worth eat­ing organ­ic meats for your health. You get what you pay for — qual­ity, con­scien­tious treat­ment of the anim­als, bet­ter health for you. Why take a sup­ple­ment when you can eat foods that are good for your body?

Organic Vendors

Just to list a few to get you star­ted:

Beretta Organics

Rowe Farms

The Healthy Butcher

Cumbrae Farms

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