Getting the good fats in your diet

Recently it has come to my attention that when substituting for the non-GMO (genetically modified oils) that no one knows what to use in terms of cooking, baking, or just general health. There are so many good oils to cook with, and they all offer completely different benefits. These good fats of course will also help your cardiovascular system and keep your arteries nice and clean!

Grapeseed oil

A rich antioxidant oil made from vinis vinifera (for wine connoisseurs, the wine grape), this oil is not only cardiovascular system-loving, but has a high boiling point and rarely burns. The flavour is very unobtrusive – I use this oil regularly even in smoothies.

Coconut oil

Heat-stable and with low burning potential, this oil is a solid at room temperature and can be used for everything from stir-frying in a pan to baking cookies and muffins. As a complete aside, coconut is the new allergen-free alternative for dairy products and is now sold as a spread, sugar, and alternative cream for individuals who are dairy-sensitive. Coconut oil has a lovely sweet taste, and check out this blog and information-site –people cookoo for coconut!

Olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil – an amazing oil to flavour your homemade pesto or add to your salad dressing as it has a rich flavour, but sticking to cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil for cooking will eliminate the flavours that you want to taste and probably best to stick to grapeseed or coconut. Don’t believe me? Check out this great olive oil information source.

Nut oils (walnut, almond)

For rich nutty flavours and those who are not worried about their guests having allergies, walnut, almond, hazelnut oils are all great. I would say peanut, however the risk of anaphylaxis is in my opinion great for guests. The above oils however would be great in flavouring.

Seed oils

Sesame oil is often used in Asian cuisine to give a slightly nutty flavour, and is fabulous when mixed with in fried rice dishes or Thai. Flax seed oil can be used to add extra omega-6 to your smoothies as well as drizzled over your salads with a bit of vinegar. Preventative for heart disease, cancer, hormone imbalance… flax seed oil is really an important part of ones’ heart-healthy diet.

Hemp seed oil is also another wonderful cooking oil (as well as an oil to consider adding to smoothies) as it does not smoke or burn easily when heated, however you do not want to use it for frying as it does denature at high temperatures and then could become the unsaturated fat that you do not want for heart health.

Is there anything the cannabis plant cannot do?

I hope these suggestions get you started! At least you can be reassured that these oils are non-GMO, especially when you get them at your trusted local health food store. Make sure to refridgerate some of these oils, as they may go rancid on your counter!

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