Getting the good fats in your diet

Recently it has come to my atten­tion that when sub­sti­tut­ing for the non-GMO (genet­ic­ally mod­i­fied oils) that no one knows what to use in terms of cook­ing, bak­ing, or just gen­er­al health. There are so many good oils to cook with, and they all offer com­pletely dif­fer­ent bene­fits. These good fats of course will also help your car­di­ovas­cu­lar sys­tem and keep your arter­ies nice and clean!

Grapeseed oil

A rich anti­ox­id­ant oil made from vinis vinifera (for wine con­nois­seurs, the wine grape), this oil is not only car­di­ovas­cu­lar sys­tem-lov­ing, but has a high boil­ing point and rarely burns. The fla­vour is very unob­trus­ive — I use this oil reg­u­larly even in smoothies.

Coconut oil

Heat-stable and with low burn­ing poten­tial, this oil is a sol­id at room tem­per­at­ure and can be used for everything from stir-fry­ing in a pan to bak­ing cook­ies and muffins. As a com­plete aside, coconut is the new aller­gen-free altern­at­ive for dairy products and is now sold as a spread, sug­ar, and altern­at­ive cream for indi­vidu­als who are dairy-sens­it­ive. Coconut oil has a lovely sweet taste, and check out this blog and inform­a­tion-site -people cookoo for coconut!

Olive oil

Extra-vir­gin olive oil — an amaz­ing oil to fla­vour your homemade pesto or add to your salad dress­ing as it has a rich fla­vour, but stick­ing to cold-pressed extra-vir­gin olive oil for cook­ing will elim­in­ate the fla­vours that you want to taste and prob­ably best to stick to grape­seed or coconut. Don’t believe me? Check out this great olive oil inform­a­tion source.

Nut oils (walnut, almond)

For rich nutty fla­vours and those who are not wor­ried about their guests hav­ing aller­gies, wal­nut, almond, hazel­nut oils are all great. I would say pea­nut, how­ever the risk of ana­phyl­ax­is is in my opin­ion great for guests. The above oils how­ever would be great in flavouring.

Seed oils

Sesame oil is often used in Asian cuisine to give a slightly nutty fla­vour, and is fab­ulous when mixed with in fried rice dishes or Thai. Flax seed oil can be used to add extra omega‑6 to your smooth­ies as well as drizzled over your salads with a bit of vin­eg­ar. Preventative for heart dis­ease, can­cer, hor­mone imbal­ance… flax seed oil is really an import­ant part of ones’ heart-healthy diet.

Hemp seed oil is also anoth­er won­der­ful cook­ing oil (as well as an oil to con­sider adding to smooth­ies) as it does not smoke or burn eas­ily when heated, how­ever you do not want to use it for fry­ing as it does dena­ture at high tem­per­at­ures and then could become the unsat­ur­ated fat that you do not want for heart health.

Is there any­thing the can­nabis plant can­not do?

I hope these sug­ges­tions get you star­ted! At least you can be reas­sured that these oils are non-GMO, espe­cially when you get them at your trus­ted loc­al health food store. Make sure to refridger­ate some of these oils, as they may go ran­cid on your counter!

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