Trusting your gut can get the best results

Trusting your gut can actu­ally get the best res­ults — The Globe and Mail.

Reading an art­icle today in the Globe and Mail on intu­ition and trust­ing your gut instincts, I thought to men­tion the notion of intu­ition as an import­ant part of health (of course, many would elude that natur­o­path­ic doc­tors only use intu­ition, or bells, or some sort of “magic­al spells” to assist with dia­gnos­is — sorry to dis­ap­point, but we do not). Intuition is how­ever, a very import­ant part of what we do not under­stand about the brain.

Intuition is an import­ant aspect not only in decision-mak­ing activ­it­ies for work but also in aspects of self-aware­ness and health. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), a branch of sci­ence that was once con­sidered pseudo-sci­ence, was claimed to be the real con­nec­tion between the immune sys­tem, the mind, and the nervous sys­tem. In lay­man’s terms, this is essen­tially the mind and body con­nec­tion. Research pro­duced lead to this becom­ing an actu­al field of sci­ence by the 1970’s, and study­ing this con­nec­tion is fascinating.

Much of the research in PNI does dis­cuss almost an “x” region in which the mind and body inter­face. We know that hor­mone sys­tems in the pitu­it­ary and hypo­thal­am­us in the brain­stem inter­face with our immune sys­tem, and can dir­ect in a sense the stim­u­la­tion of immune cells. We know that our thought pat­terns can dir­ect the stim­u­la­tion of these cells. However, we do not know tan­gibly how this hap­pens or more pre­cisely, where this happens.

Intuition is a very sim­il­ar phe­nomen­on. Many describe a gut feel­ing, a sense in the pit of the stom­ach, a very strong dir­ec­tion of choice for a par­tic­u­lar out­come without a defin­it­ive reas­on­ing. As there is so much about our sub­con­scious mind and more basic instincts that are still not under­stood, it is entirely plaus­ible that we are dir­ec­ted by this “oth­er” side of ourselves quite often, per­haps a very deep body-mind con­nec­tion. Intuition, it would seem, may be a very untapped part of ourselves that we could poten­tially learn to nur­ture, as is out­lined in the art­icle with the Globe and Mail.

I don’t know about you, but if I get an intu­it­ive sense or a strong gnaw­ing in my stom­ach that I should play the lot­tery today, I think I will. For me, prov­ing that my intu­ition exists defin­it­ively is less import­ant than win­ning millions :)

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