Fear of change

The sea­son of fall is one where change is all around us. The leaves change col­ours, fall off, and die. The weath­er changes from sunny to more sombre, rainy and cold. Foods change from light and fresh, with things we eat from our gar­dens to foods that typ­ic­ally grow from the earth, root veget­ables, things that are hearty to keep us filled and warm. Our clothes change to pro­tect us from the ele­ments, more woolen in nature so we can be braced for the upcom­ing months.

In all of the changes that occur in the sea­son of fall, we accept these changes are com­ing, that they are inev­it­able, and we adapt to make these changes more bearable.

Over the course of our lives, our bod­ies change with the sea­sons. Our hair might change col­our, our meta­bol­ism changes so we can no longer eat whatever we want! Our skin becomes more dry, and we have laugh lines that remind us of the great times we had get­ting them. Not always do we like that these changes hap­pen to us, myself included.

Sometimes we have changes that we need to make to improve our lives. We might need to start exer­cising so that we can pre­vent dis­ease, or to slow the dis­ease pro­cess we have already star­ted. We might need to tell a dear friend that we can­not be the friend they remem­ber, that we have a fam­ily and oth­er com­mit­ments. We might decide our job is not the ful­filling thing we had once been so excited about, and we might need to move on. But do we truly accept the change and move into it, or do we resist?

The fear of change must be less than the risk of not chan­ging at all.

What could you be miss­ing if you don’t change?

What will you gain if you do?

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