Heat Wave: Stay Hydrated, Stay Indoors

We may have the hot­test day in Toronto on record. As much as we like mak­ing his­tory, some­times being cau­tious is the smarter thing to do. While I can­not be close to some of you to moth­er you and boss you around, I feel the need to impart a few safety tips:

How to survive the heat wave

Water, water, water, water, water

Did I men­tion to drink water? At min­im­um 2 litres.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

The pub­lic pool is a great place to cool off, how­ever if you are not a strong swim­mer make sure you are wear­ing flot­a­tion devices and swim with friends, mak­ing sure the pool you choose has a life­guard. Be care­ful swim­ming in lakes and rivers; nat­ur­al cur­rents and waves can pull you under the sur­face of the water quickly and can prove haz­ard­ous. Many have lost their lives in the past sev­er­al days when not wear­ing a life jack­et — please, be safe.


As much as we like to hydrate, we can­not for­get to put back in the min­er­als we lose from our sweat. Potassium, sodi­um, and mag­nesi­um are a few of very essen­tial min­er­als that we need to have adequate heart func­tion­ing and cel­lu­lar func­tion­ing at very basic levels. Examples of remin­er­al­iz­ing mater­i­als include Gatorade (as much as it is high in sug­ar, it does have basic min­er­als), or vit­am­in water with high­er potassi­um and mag­nesi­um. Mineral water such as Gerolsteiner is car­bon­ated and has all the min­er­als you need. Refreshing.

Stay indoors when you can

If you do not have an occu­pa­tion where you have to be out­doors (and if so, please rehyd­rate and remin­er­al­ize), stay indoors. No exer­cising out­side. We have gyms with air conditioning.

Take care every­one. A few more days, and we’ll be back to sea­son­al weath­er. Don’t for­get the sun­screen!

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