Creating your Summer Natural First Aid Kit

I’m sure you’re won­der­ing what on earth natur­o­path­ic medi­cine could offer in a first aid capa­city? No, we’re not going to set the broken bones of a child who has jumped off the top of a slide — bring them to the emer­gency room where they will be taken care of prop­erly! However, for minor injur­ies, there are fant­ast­ic old tried-and-true supports.


Everyone has stayed in the sun­light a shade longer than they should. Aloe vera is com­monly known to assist with sun­burns, but so are the following:

Traumeel — A homeo­path­ic pre­par­a­tion of herbs which are great for pain and swell­ing. The gel for­mu­la­tion might be cool­er and refresh­ing for the skin in the first 24 hours, but the cream will be more hydrat­ing as the skin lay­er peels.

Curcumin (tur­mer­ic) — Yes, this herb that you find in but­ter chick­en and East Indian cuisine is anti-inflam­mat­ory and will help to heal the dam­age from the inside out. You can even make a little paste of it with olive oil and put it right on a hot area. If that is too strange for you, sprinkle 1 tsp in each meal.

Calendula — Calendula is a herb that is very anti-inflam­mat­ory, very orange in appear­ance and good for heal­ing in gen­er­al how­ever should not be used by indi­vidu­als aller­gic to the Asteraceae fam­ily (dais­ies)

Glonoium — a homeo­path­ic that is fant­ast­ic for sun­stroke, or for head­aches from sun exposure

Bug Bites

They hurt, and they’re itchy. What do we do?

Ledum. A homeo­path­ic that is spe­cific­ally for bug bites and will soothe your irritation.

Tummy ache

Aside from not eat­ing too much food, some­times out­door bar­be­cues and new places lend stom­ach upset when it is least desired.

L‑glutamine — Soothing to the entero­cytes of the gastrointest­in­al mucosa, these cells are in our intest­ines and need extra sup­port when we have had an epis­ode of looser stools.

Good bac­teria or pro­bi­ot­ics — Good bac­teria in our stom­ach in the prop­er amounts can pre­vent oth­er bad bac­teria, yeast, para­sites, or vir­uses from stick­ing around. Making sure to increase your pro­bi­ot­ic usage. Not all pro­bi­ot­ics are the same how­ever — but if you are unsure of which ones, bet­ter to go with a multi-strain pro­bi­ot­ic (many good bac­teria in one bottle) than one strain on its own, as our own intest­ines have many strains in one.

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