Stress: Release

A 5-day challenge that aims to help you release your stress and reintroduce joy.

We often feel we have to change our world for good things to happen. We will be happier when we buy a new house… get that promotion at work… lose fifteen pounds.

This past year has taught us that sometimes life can be tough for a while.

Often, it’s the truly simple things. Our small habits. Our little exercises. Choosing not to pick up the phone when we need a little quiet time. These can be the drops in the bucket that fill us, or they can leave us empty.

We can choose ourselves even despite our challenges, both in the world and around us.

Sadly, we often miss seeing the wonderful things in our life. The sunshine, beautiful flowers, the laughter of our children and a gorgeous sunset. These can be the small beautiful things that lead us to choose our own happiness in very difficult times. These small moments can help to sustain us and help us breathe a little more deeply.

And that is what the next five days are all about. Giving yourself the space, time and appreciation to choose self-honouring, self-loving activities to start to fill your cup, your fountain, your vessel! Whichever images you like.

Ready? Let’s do this!

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