Can't sleep? Insomniac?

Looking for research for nat­ur­al sup­ports for insom­nia? Click here if you need to read more, for your health and your san­ity! Check out Naturopathic Currents, a new online resource for research-based sup­ports for health con­di­tions

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What Can I Do For My Restless Legs?

Those of you who have rest­less legs know what I’m talk­ing about. The exper­i­ence of rest­less legs syn­drome began for me in the middle of high school, most often when I went to the movies or

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Getting a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep, or insom­nia, is very com­mon but the reas­ons why people do not sleep are unique to their bod­ies and their lives. The mind-body con­nec­tion is very much alive when sleep­ing is not

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