What to expect with miscarriage

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day

I am priv­ileged to work with many indi­vidu­als, through­out their lives on many dif­fer­ent paths. Grief and loss is an intrins­ic part of my work, as every day through­out our lives we exper­i­ence loss that is a part of liv­ing. Acknowledging life and those who have past is an essen­tial part of many cul­tures, and in the North American tra­di­tions in mer­ging many cul­tures it would seem we are adept at this, how­ever in prac­tice we are slightly more reluct­ant to dis­cuss grief and death. It is an import­ant part of liv­ing to recog­nize losses and to incor­por­ate them into our daily lives, and to move for­ward and grow from these exper­i­ences. 

Miscarriage and the loss of new life in infancy are top­ics that many couples and fam­il­ies deal with on a reg­u­lar basis. So much so, that an aware­ness group was cre­ated in 1988 under Ronald Reagan which became the offi­cial date of October 15th each year called the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remberance Day (PAILRD). The Canadian Foundation for October 15th or CFO con­tin­ues this tra­di­tion, and began in New Brunswick to hon­our PAILRD’s mis­sion. Now every year on October 15th at 7:00 pm (19:00 h) candles are lit through­out North America to hon­our and remem­ber these chil­dren and their fam­il­ies.

Please light a candle for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day at 19:00hr, this even­ing, October 15.

The Wee One

To share her exper­i­ence of mis­car­riage and to help us all raise aware­ness of grief and loss, a spe­cial and brave patient has wrote her exper­i­ence of her mis­car­riage and loss of her Wee One so that we all may become more sens­it­ive to those who have lost their loved ones. A day like today is only too fit­ting for a dia­logue to con­tin­ue and expand on these issues, and to real­ize that none of us are alone in grief and loss.

What to expect when you’re mis­car­ry­ing is a beau­ti­ful and truth­ful account of mis­car­riage, love and loss. I could not be more hon­oured to have this on my blog. Please click on the link above to read this account of mis­car­riage, as to under­stand is to hon­our and to learn and help oth­ers.

How you can be a support

I’m sure how­ever, most of you would like to know how you can help more than just light­ing a candle. Sometimes know­ing what to say and how to be a com­fort to a friend or fam­ily mem­ber who has lost dur­ing preg­nancy or shortly fol­low­ing birth may be dif­fi­cult, and per­haps you are afraid to say the wrong things? PILARI, or the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Research and Information Foundation, has won­der­ful resources to help you under­stand and the right things to say. Showing your non-judg­ment­al love and sup­port regard­less is a won­der­ful first step. Take a look at their resources!

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