I never wanted to be a naturopath

Growing up, I wanted to be a doc­tor. I grew up want­ing to help people heal. As a child, I thought that being a med­ic­al doc­tor was the only way to do that. Of course, there are so many oth­er

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Online Booking brought to you by Genbook

Effective now you can book your own appoint­ments online! There is a new page added to the site called “Appointment Bookings”. Clicking the “boo­know!” but­ton will take you to the self-ser­­vice book­ing page. You can also

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Just common sense

A patient walks in feel­ing tired. Do they need: A nutri­tion­al check An explor­a­tion of blood work A refer­ral to a psy­cho­lo­gist for their inab­il­ity to deal with stress A good night’s sleep All of the

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