Frankincense as YOUR pain saviour

Frankincense was giv­en to Jesus, seen as the saviour of the world in Christianity, on his ‘birth’ (or the date recor­ded as his birth) as a gift. Frankincense how­ever can also be your saviour this hol­i­day

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Ode to Summer Fruit

Juicy and deli­cious Dripping down my hand in your glory Taunting and call­ing me from your bas­ket Glistening with your sug­ar crys­tals A prom­ise of good health Shattered with a sug­ar crash ~A. Earls Thought for the

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NMW Day 6: Peeling the layers off

I am in the office on Saturday morn­ings. I enjoy these morn­ings often more than the reg­u­lar week because every­one who comes in the door has chosen to spend some of their pre­cious week­end time on

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Eczema: What your dermatologist won't tell you

November is Canada’s nation­al eczema month. EASE is an organ­iz­a­tion that sup­ports eczema aware­ness in Canada, and tonight they will be hav­ing a dis­cus­sion about what it means to live with eczema. Unfortunately I can­not attend due to clin­ic com­mit­ments,

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Heartburn is just a symptom

Heartburn. Also known as pain in the chest, burn­ing in the throat, pres­sure in the chest, mucous slid­ing in the throat…it has many ways of present­ing itself. Heartburn is not nor­mal how­ever. Heartburn is a symp­tom

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