Food allergy relief with herbal medicine!

I had to share this art­icle with you because it’s excit­ing to finally see stud­ies look­ing at the wis­dom of herb­al medi­cine for com­mon health issues, and this art­icle looks at food allergy relief, one

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Tough love means you feel better

What happened to the under­stand­ing that medi­cine should not always be con­veni­ent or tasty to actu­ally be work­ing? Buckleys’ com­mer­cial and the infam­ous slo­gan Tastes awful, but it works, was an import­ant part of my

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Lavender Oil for Anxiety and Depression

Lavender Oil for Anxiety and Depression — Natural Medicine Journal: The Official Journal of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Who doesn’t like the smell of lav­ender? The essen­tial oil of lav­ender and the herb itself has

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