Clinical Appointments with Aoife Earls ND

Initial Appointment

The initial appointment is 75 minutes. Intake forms must be completed prior to the appointment through Jane, and will be sent to you prior to your appointment.

We review your past and current medical history, as well as any pertinent blood work and/or past imaging. A list of current medications, vitamins, and supplements should be brought to this appointment. A complaint-oriented physical exam is performed.

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up appointments typically occur every 4-6 weeks, or on an as-needed basis.
Appointments range from 30 to 60 minutes, and frequency is dictated by your individual needs.

I also do have phone or Skype consultations.

Additional Services


If indicated, acupuncture is performed after an initial appointment has been completed.
Acupuncture sessions range from 30-60 minutes in length, and often a series is recommended for more in-depth concerns, for example fertility support or anxiety.

Hormone Therapy

I am licensed to prescribe bioidentical hormones including thyroid support, estrogen and progesterone, if we decide that is needed!


B12 and folic acid injections are available when required.

Inhalation Therapy

Inhaled glutathione for mould exposure, chest infections, and sinus congestion and infections is available.

Lab Tests

Lab tests, when required, incur additional costs not covered by the appointment fee. These costs vary greatly depending on the type of test required.


I may prescribe various supplements, if required. Most are available through HealthWave and can be shipped to your home. Not always are supplements required!


These are supplement lines that are not available in retail stores, and specialized and available through registered doctors only.

Custom Formulas

Where there is no formula suitable for you on the market, I create one!


Type of Appointment Duration Cost (HST incl.)
Initial Appointment 75 Minutes $200
Follow-up 45 Minutes $ 127
Follow-up 30 Minutes $ 82
Follow-up 15 Minutes $ 46

Treatment from a Naturopathic Doctor is covered by most group insurance plans. Please consult with your insurance company to confirm your level of coverage. A receipt with the pertinent information will be supplied after your visit for insurance purposes.