Clinical Appointments with Aoife Earls ND

Initial Appointment

The ini­tial appoint­ment is 75 minutes. Intake forms must be com­pleted pri­or to the appoint­ment through Jane, and will be sent to you pri­or to your appoint­ment.

We review your past and cur­rent med­ic­al his­tory, as well as any per­tin­ent blood work and/​or past ima­ging. A list of cur­rent med­ic­a­tions, vit­am­ins, and sup­ple­ments should be brought to this appoint­ment. A com­plaint-ori­ented phys­ic­al exam is per­formed.

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up appoint­ments typ­ic­ally occur every 4 – 6 weeks, or on an as-needed basis.
Appointments range from 30 to 60 minutes, and fre­quency is dic­tated by your indi­vidu­al needs.

I also do have phone or Skype con­sulta­tions.

Additional Services


If indic­ated, acu­punc­ture is per­formed after an ini­tial appoint­ment has been com­pleted.
Acupuncture ses­sions range from 30 – 60 minutes in length, and often a series is recom­men­ded for more in-depth con­cerns, for example fer­til­ity sup­port or anxi­ety.

Hormone Therapy

I am licensed to pre­scribe bioidentic­al hor­mones includ­ing thyroid sup­port, estro­gen and pro­ges­ter­one, if we decide that is needed!


B12 and folic acid injec­tions are avail­able when required.

Inhalation Therapy

Inhaled gluta­thione for mould expos­ure, chest infec­tions, and sinus con­ges­tion and infec­tions is avail­able.

Lab Tests

Lab tests, when required, incur addi­tion­al costs not covered by the appoint­ment fee. These costs vary greatly depend­ing on the type of test required.


I may pre­scribe vari­ous sup­ple­ments, if required. Most are avail­able through HealthWave and can be shipped to your home. Not always are sup­ple­ments required!


These are sup­ple­ment lines that are not avail­able in retail stores, and spe­cial­ized and avail­able through registered doc­tors only.

Custom Formulas

Where there is no for­mula suit­able for you on the mar­ket, I cre­ate one!


Type of Appointment Duration Cost (HST incl.)
Initial Appointment 75 Minutes $200
Follow-up 45 Minutes $ 127
Follow-up 30 Minutes $ 82
Follow-up 15 Minutes $ 46

Treatment from a Naturopathic Doctor is covered by most group insur­ance plans. Please con­sult with your insur­ance com­pany to con­firm your level of cov­er­age. A receipt with the per­tin­ent inform­a­tion will be sup­plied after your vis­it for insur­ance pur­poses.